3D virtual and intelligent booths
Many features are included in the booths and are available to exhibitors :
LIVE interaction between exhibitors and visitors (new)

Event 2000 provides a tool to exhibitors who will allow them to discuss with visitors entering in their booths for a better interaction...

Schedule a meeting

Les visiteurs peuvent planifier également un rendez-vous avec les exposants sur des plages horaires précises.

Photos & Videos & Brochure

Very simple and easy integration, for exhibitors, of media such as photos, videos, brochures ... on the booths to promote their companies, associations, organizations...


Les exposants et visiteurs peuvent échanger ensemble en toute souplesse et selon leurs plannings respectifs.


Un outil de statistiques est inclus dans la solution afin d’avoir des informations sur les visites, les visiteurs afin de calculer le ROI.


Communicate LIVE easily and quickly with visitors from the booths either by written message, audio or video call

Our solutions will enable you to exceed your expectations

Tailor-made support for your events will be provided by a Project Manager.
Customization according to your graphic standards.
Different virtual booth models possible and many other features available.

Use this new interactive concept to broaden your scope of action and gain new customers, partners and networks.

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