You are a professional in events, training... and you want to collaborate with Event 2000 platform either to organize free or paid 100% virtual exhibitions or events or simply to have an alternative to your physical exhibitions to open your market and catch up other types of visitors and geographic sectors to increase visitors. We therefore welcome you, you've come to the right place...

Indeed, Event 2000 will be your ideal partner to traveling difficulty around the world problems and also to concept digitalization.

We suggest a “win-win” collaboration so that you can have a 100% technologically advanced solution at your fingertips and on our side, continue our growth by relying on solid partners over time.


Customization possible in order to customize the platform completely to your image and profil.

For any future collaboration, our marketing team will be happy to discuss with you to forward on our collaboration.

Please contact us by email at by specifying "PARTNERSHIP" in the subject line of the e-mail or by telephone at the numbers indicated on the CONTACT US page.

You can also contact us on the link below and leave us a message.

See you soon!

Marketing Team Event 2000

Our company

Dream Diffusion SARL
Adress 10 Place Carnot
CP: 93 110
City Rosny-Sous-Bois
Tel: +33 7 67 23 45 28


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